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a7rro Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Fallin' to sleep while I'm at service, when will I die? Forever paranoid and nervous because I'm high. life’s short. If you don't look around once in a while you might miss it.🥀
pappbren Time looked confused... the origin of the mans question was genuine curiosity. Mostly everything asked of her were favors, such as “can you make me young again?” or questions like “when will i die?” But this question made her stop and think. How does she waste time?
bievee_coco saturn @First_AddNad @OlawaleSZN Orange and carrot. When will I die because i had a packed fruit juice yesterday evening don't take most tweets seriously. Your misinterpretation, your headache. NO DMs.😊
Rui_balas2 "Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless, I'm chokin' off Marijuana smoke, with every toke it's like I'm losin' focus Fallin' to sleep while I'm at service, when will I die? Forever paranoid and nervous because I'm high" Sou divertido e brincalhão 🙂
lacklustre_adj it always comes back round to i hate myself and this has in turn deprived me of opportunities bc i won't let myself try then out and then i hate myself even more it's a vicious cycle when will it end (when will i die) fallout zone
EllieBerries United Kingdom Hitler goes to a fortune-teller and asks, "When will I die?" And the fortune-teller replies, "On a Jewish holiday." Hitler then asks, "How do you know that?" And she replies, "Any day you die will be a Jewish holiday."
_Jaan___ Silicon Valley ⇄ DC Oh my god now a man with a don’t tread on me sticker and blue lives matter sticker on his car is honking @ me!!!! When will I die!!!! When will it end!!!! •🇧🇩•♒︎•internationally unrecognized (for now)• find me @huffpost @teenvogue @the_fbomb • linguistics/content •মর্লে মর্লাম•tweets don’t represent my employer•
Elizabitchduh Iced coffee breakfast lunch and dinner, when will I die of a caffeine overdose? I am ever-changing, circumstances change the very core of us.
BridgetPhetasy Los Angeles, CA @clairlemon When one country stands up and fights for liberalism—they stand up for us all. Which is why I fear they will be crushed to make an example for us all. The whole world should be behind Hong Kong. If you’re gonna die on a hill—freedom is worth it. Verified Nobody. I never wanted any of this. My tribe is tribeless. I made up a word once. Find another hero.
Powells Portland, OR Will I poop when I die? Caitlin Doughty (@TheGoodDeath) answers the questions you're *dying* to ask in Will My Cat Eat My Eyeballs? Celebrate #InternationalCatDay and preorder the book before 8/12 to receive a signed copy and a pin: The legendary independent bookstore.
jakeadelstein Usually Tokyo Japan bid for the summer 2020 Olympics by lying, then sealed the deal with bribery. When people die, and they will, I hope someone files charges of criminal neglect and prosecutors don't shirk. #TEPCO2020 Here's how the pot started boiling↘ Investigative journalist, 人間妖怪Zen Buddhist Priest, Paladin. Social Justice Ninja #SJN "" 調査報道記者・禅僧 @thedailybeast 等
oxfordteddy Photo: Barry Cornelius @electricpetrol @takeitev I made a new years resolution to stop arguing with hydrolol muppets. I lasted about a month. I think reality is setting in for some of them, and the die hards that are left will continue to dream, even when the plug (pun intended) is finally pulled. Oxford & Sheffield UK. : Runs (ish) with @TotleyAC and @headingtonrr. Likes cars, energy stuff and arguing with idiots. Views mainly of the @peakdistrict 😋
AyanaHawkeye Firenze @KaileenaOfTime {I would be scared. But what I can do? What's written in my destiny that will happen. Knowing when and how you will die is scary, but you accept it not the end because no matter what you will do it will happen anyway. Right?} "I was a noble once, my parents wanted me to live by rules. I break rules." Married to @malik_TFS #ACRP. OC. [Parody account]
jg091297 @dmataconis Everyone: I wish all my fellow citizens success and a happy life. Doug: I hope we get nuked by North Korea so that Trump loses. Sure, millions will die but it will be worth it because I’m a horrible little baby who has no clue how to act rational when I don’t get my way.
SaintJamesTheIV New Jersey, USA Knowing anime trope I bet she will die a horrible way and I’m not ready when that time comes cant resist a pretty girl, a beautiful guy, or a delicious ice cream
faith_fingers Zambia Which means...when I die...I will leave everything here on earth?...why not preach about something I will take with me to my grave? About having 'faith', after all..."Seek ye first the kingdom of God and everything shall be added unto you". Different🍃| Elle's Mama🤱🏽| Faith Beat💄
MustafaMaad1 Bagdad, Iraq This is how and when I will die . رَچيچه ألروُح يمعوُد |Medical student
Dreiser Russia "when will i forking die" almost slipped through my mouth with a sigh on a family dinner i'm tired and not filtering my thoughts and words rus/eng; holistic cat lover; let's do it, барчонок, i know the law
maryambzzzz URANUS This is how and when I will die via ایک مشرقی منسکرالمزاج باتحمل خاتون
NicoleW90626513 I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, 'How many good things have you done in your life?' rather he will ask, 'How much love did you put into what you did? You're like a drug for me, my own personal brand of heroin...
Peyot3ugly Tucson, AZ And in the end when I die will you watch me If you the truth then what the fork am I?
TheNightSaviour none of your business. @OfPawprints_ "well for starters I can only die when I'm at my weakest, and even then it's just a quick commune with various ethereal creatures before I'm back again. and you are my daughter, which means nothing bad will ever happen to you." genius moody impatient introverted magicy smartass with a love of pretty athames. you've been warned. #RP #OCRP #MVRP
rctatman Seattle, WA Sometimes Gustav will put his little footsie on the edge of his dish when he eats and it's so cute I could die. 😭😍🦔 Data Scientist @kaggle & Linguistics PhD. Data science, NLP, Stats, ML, R, Python. Tweets my own & CC-BY-SA. (The 🦔's name is Gustav.)
cursedbythegods 2,8k smiles made (do i even need to state this) i do love the m*sical, i will die for the cast, i've been streaming that cast recording because its just that Good. and ive been tweeting about it way way way back before its first preview performance, way way back when its just an idea the myths, the gays, all riordanverse related.
d_quaker just* death, not *******Eugenics** because that happens #unnaturally??? hmm.. [emoji face that i am not going to make time to find] what the fork do you want to call what happened to me? Because if/when I die, and it will happen one day; Naomi Wadler's generation will have to do Inclusion Expert || World's 'Last Stupid Human' DOE pending; title given by the people #8.15.2019###Gregorian#Calendar. Favorite Food: vegan hot dogs. + sushi #
deannapotts Omaha, NE I was hardcore working on school stuff, when my computer was starting to die. I got in my bag for my charger and left it at school. Guess I will have to take a nap? 🤷🏻‍♀️ Current ESL teacher of Writing. Wellness Advocate for DoTerra Essential Oils. Married to my best friend and travel buddy. Love all things coffee and travel.
SuperSian89 Edinburgh, Scotland When you plan a party and forget to ask someone to come early so EVERYONE IS LATE AND NOONE IS COMING AND I WILL DIE ALONE. K thanks. Bye. Fundraiser and volunteer tweeting mainly about charity, running, swimming (seasonal) and food
NeolithicSheep Over the river & thru the wood Yes I have been angry and carrying this grudge for 11 years now. Yes, I will die mad that some skeevy bottom male geek thought utopia was when he could get permission to grope tits and be healed of being unloved in high school and then go on to a publishing career. 'Swear to god, you are like if the Foxfire books were set in hell.' - @UrsulaV knows me Queer anarcho-communist farmer. Sort of famous in the eyes of the law.
d_quaker @AskCiti I will when I can, I provide to meet someone in person. There are a number of issues with my account. I'll talk to someone on Monday at your branch bank on Broadway and West 110th Street near @Columbia. Btw, do you know that 'they don't die? Isn't it weird to think that they live Inclusion Expert || World's 'Last Stupid Human' DOE pending; title given by the people #8.15.2019###Gregorian#Calendar. Favorite Food: vegan hot dogs. + sushi #
Bash_StayTrue Palm Beach,FL @1mrkojo @imdiamondrivera And you will die when I get out
CommunistIma Barbēlō  JUDAS ASKS JESUS ABOUT THAT GENERATION AND HUMAN GENERATIONS Judas said to [him, “Rabb]i, what kind of fruit does this generation produce?” Jesus said, “The souls of every human generation will die. When these people, I made a living off of understanding those who are misunderstood... This is my worldview:
TheAhmadTaha When I die I’m going to be buried on the moon so when heartbroken people look at the moon and wonder how it’s like, my remains will be there cold, lonely and in the dark just like how they feel. Cairo, 2018.
The_Mediator__ California, USA @illStefanmatic I hear you, but when judgement day really come no preparation will be enough if it’s yo time at that time it’s all in God’s hands, allah, Yahweh, Elohim or whatever/whoever you wanna call em 🤷🏾‍♂️ “from the first slap and cry we all born to die” ⚠️viewer discretion is advised💯🌊
spdean3 Florida, USA @f_mols @darknessn2light These people I do not like don’t want to share a sliver of the pie. They are selfish and hateful racist who are afraid of anything that doesn’t look like them. I will be happy when they all die off and the next generation takes over. I wouldn’t live there if they were giving it away! Resister of all things tRump and the GOP, wife,mother, grandmother, retired teacher, beach lover, reader, too old for this crap #VoteBlue #Resist #BlueWave2018
RossGilroy @JohnKrahn2 @Thohi @oohglobbits5 @Simple_Shaman @kwalter827 @MichaelSeto5 @ClupterObert @Atilathehun3 @SoCalTheist @JohnnyIsSoAlive @Y2Krashman @MakiN47550299 @RealAnonDouche @CharlieSkeptic @bikinatroll @JimMatisi @Megavolt1 @LeyFenix @SnowLover1337 @mishaMarinsky @ObiPress @guy_JustaGuy @PainesReason @dstressdotcom @DucadiSpalato @rogerh1969 @bibleasshole @rpratt039 @KrahnPhillip @Robot_Logic @CoolHabanero @kingston_elisha @InGodweTrustYah @FeatherEW @DoesnAbout @LordlessIowan @AustinStevensMI @takeatoothbrush @_CROPES_ @TakeThatDarwin @tattoosandbones @robjGoldberg @CubeSteve @RayInBerkeley @BillinWV @Notbuyingthisbs @kenthovind @erichovind @SyeTenB I'm not brave at all, I am scared to death (pardon the pun) but I live in reality and when I die it's over except I will eventually be recycled . Thats life and I'm good with that. The promise of eternal life was something used to control the masses before people became educated. Amethyst verses Atheist, Darwin's Theory of Evolution and The Big Bang Theory are the future of our past.
talks_she Secret place of the almighty. Brother when you raise your shield so will I. Sister when you charge at the enemy so will I:and if deaths awaits us,calling his warriors home let me die smiling by your side for we are family. Freelance Writer Statistician The angel you don't know. Follow the link below to purchase my e-book. Gracias 💕💕💕
FrNajim Providence, RI When I die, my obit will read something like this: Fr. Michael Najim died. He wrote this himself because one of his pet-peeves was lengthy obits. He tried his best to lead people to Jesus, but wasn't always very good at it. And so he requests prayers and Masses for his soul. #CatholicPriest, doing my best to lead people to #Jesus; Pastor St. Pius X Westerly, RI; Author; NE #Patriots fan; #poker fan; owner of a golden doodle 🐕
vuvu_blouw Port Elizabeth,South Africa @Sisonkemsimang @FloydShivambu People lost their lives when they die on natural causes or accident,these miners were brutally murdered by you Mr President,i t can't be tragedy when you killed day you will answer and be haunted by their spirits Realist,Intellectual,Politician,Grassroots Activist**Humanitarian *Social Change Volunteer. - Founder - Social Incubating Movement
creative_k8 United States I believe I will go to heaven when I die. If I’m wrong and there’s no afterlife then I’ll just no longer exist. It’s a win-win. what are you doing here
MikeRob28616879 @zarakayk I would have loved to meet you at speakers corner and open your big googoo eyes to show u how wrong you are ...Your eyes and heart is sealed therefore u cannot see further than your nose .. and mark my words you will burn in Hell when u die Myself
Dragski1 @kyolee71 @RaheemKassam @PrisonPlanet Wrong. Who are you? You liar. No one. Why should I believe you and not the word of God? God rained fire and brimstone upon your precious sodomites. And when you die you will meet them in the flames of hell. "And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire."
kp8025 Phoenix, AZ area @JoelOsteen I thought God had already exceeded Himself when He created this world, sent His Son to die for us on the cross, and has given eternal life to those who obey the gospel. His second coming and judgement Day will be next. Will people be prepared for it? I am a mother of four adult children. One has Down Syndrome. Have taught children's Bible classes for 46 years. Write books, like crafts, and plays ukulele.
Alex_Houseof308 @Frank_LeanXV Man: Prepare to die Girl: *Ties scarf around her waist* it’s you, your friend and Sarah that will see the after life when I’m done with all of you Ghostwriter || Lazy artist || Lazy dancer. I follow back more often than not. 😁 Check my LIKES for my tweets. 😁 || Email: Kephgeorge@gmail.com
Lilith_advanced "What do you think happens when we die?" “I know the ones who love us, will miss us. " And with that answer Keanu Reeves gained my immortal respect. So simple and yet so true.
madcam244 Co-Founder of Anal clan This is how and when I will die . Your average weeb. | male | 17 | Dm's open if ya'll wanna talk.
catpacino your local graveyard two of my ults are playing with my emotions rn i see both aqua green and pink on both of their stories 😭😭😭 i really want them to collab!! so bad!! so i can die in peace but idk when it will happen 😭😭😭 pat 🧛‍♀️ | i need a time out. xx
jeremiahshane69 Lubbock Tx 000 Are you a Christian? He asked them. They died standing on their feet for what they believe in. I once asked,who are you and gave love. If nobody wins when we war, who is it that wins when we love? If loving All is my sin,I will die standing on my feet embracing what is to come. O
btchey171 Ashville, OH @TheJimMichaels @cw_spn I feel like @JensenAckles & @jarpad are going to die but they will be saving the world by sacrificing their selfs and when they die the last scene will be them in heaven reunited with their mom and dad & be the family they never got the chance to be. @cw_spn
foxxwithloxx @kyzilla It’s so timeless, i had a summer when my uncle had a turntable and i always came back to that beat. like even the sample 😩😩😩 i will never let that song die i don't argue with straight men.
InternetIsForP1 @LunarSatyr The fear of not knowing where or when I and the people I know will die. Also, the fear of not knowing what to protect myself from. In the end, the fear of not knowing. Qui per il cazzo. Here for the popsicle.

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