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laurianetmz Vannes, France How and when will I die : (mdr grosse ambiance) 17
ihatekirishima cuke, 17 (‼️), he/they/comrade ok lgbts here’s my enneagram what does this mean and when will i die i hate eijiro kirishima’s cute face so forking much | dms always open, reach out if you need to 💕💕 | i’m just tired and emotional | alt: @kirishimahater
vid_nas London, England I did one of those "when will I die" tests online and it reckons I'll be dead as fork in my early 60s. I'm basically middle aged. gore is best on vhs
dchsdln i am a chill person I want to enjoy every f second of my life bc who knows when will I die but u r making it harder for me. stop talking to me if you don't feel like talking to me. don't talk to me and then say crapty stuffs about me when im not around pray for me
whoami_74 Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless, I'm chokin' off Marijuana smoke, with every toke it's like I'm losin' focus Fallin' to sleep while I'm at service, when will I die? Forever paranoid and nervous because I'm high... ‌Can you picture my "Prophecy"?
top100now United States "When Will I Die?" and 3 more hit the Top 100 iTunes Free Apps Chart! Description and more - Keeping you up to date with the latest changes in iTunes 100 most downloaded songs, albums, TV series, music videos, movies, books, apps!
J_alshmriii ‏Los Angeles,CA🇺🇸|K’Town🇰🇼 Show me a miracle, I'm hopeless, I'm chokin' off Marijuana smoke, with every toke it's like I'm losin' focus Fallin' to sleep while I'm at service, when will I die? Forever paranoid and nervous because I'm high private account:@q8amj
softbirdboy she/her y’all be downloading this “when will i die” app a joke but i know that if i download it it’ll tell me i’m gonna die this week and i’ll be like * . ’ i don’t shut up i grow up @thegoldboris ` . *
JodiHernandezTV #BREAKING Current scene at NuStar Energy in Crockett. This is why I-80 remains closed and a shelter in place has been ordered. No word when the smoke and flames will die down. It keeps flaring up! News Reporter for NBC Bay Area, East Bay Native, Mom & Small Biz Owner
BetteMidler New York, NY #MoscowMitch just hates to vote And when bills die he likes to gloat But one day soon the walls will crumble And through the ruins We’ll hear Mitch mumble…. “I’m just a tortoise, I’m no Grim Reaper, Now I’m drowning as the Swamp gets deeper! CONGRATS to @eedeekay65!#thewinner Let’s Get This Show on the Road!
BrendanPorath DC via BC & Cleveland Extremely moving moment putting the 4-year-old to bed tonight "Hey dad when I'm old and your age I will probably have a lot of money because when you die and your clothes are on, I'll be able to take your wallet our of your pocket and I'll have your cards and money." Editor, Writer, Utility Club @SBNation. Co-host of the Shotgun Start podcast. Contributor on @GCMorningDrive. brendan.porath@sbnation.com
OccasionalBeast Wales @LonePossum i feel due to the range and damage it reminds me of the SDM on COD blackout before they nerfed it as it changes engagements. When people hit you with it you, you literally have to get cover or you will die (unless they are absolute poop) I will miss it if the nerf tho I STREAM OFTEN and smash out my own content on YouTube. I love FPS, like loooove it! I am also a #gfx designer, check my Instagram and DM me👍 #welsh #dad
jeffreybwinston Only another $540 and I own my iPhoneX. Most likely it will die in 18 months when I’m done paying for it and I’ll have to get a new one and start payments all over again.
thehoff102 St Albans, England I know life seems pointless right now, like you don't matter, like it will be better when you die. But you matter. Please don't do it. Speak to @samaritans. You matter. Life is beautiful and you are brave as every moment you breathe and get up even though you don't feel like it @WatfordFC fan and British Jew. Tweets solely my views. RTs not endorsement. @MAAS_UK consultant. @Voice_Of_Salam volunteer. Not left or right, just Hoff!
vazquezed17 i hope my last tweet ever is something funny, so when i die, people will remember how funny i was, if this is my last tweet and i suddenly die, i’ma be mad beautiful mind
readrintintib Anywhere You're Not @KristinaHorner This is the hill I will live and die on. I get so mad when I bring this up and people reply with "some people just aren't redeemable" and I'm like YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT THE WRONG PERSON MY DUDES STOP THIRSTING OVER SNAPE AND HAVE SOME COMPASSION FOR DRACO, THE CHILD. They/them. Writer, lover of anime, video games, and Disney movies
chefDilo @Ayooebun @thatcitychic Lol I remember the day I finally touched it; it took me a week to make the decision. And when I finally did, I couldn’t sleep that night cos I thought I would die in my sleep. Looking back I can’t believe how dumb I was 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ God will punish whoever told me that lol I was in wonderland but her name wasn’t Alice
ringgoops 금사자 ❤ People will suddenly love you and care about you when you die. So stop that act if you don't really care. I understand with all of your sympathy but that's it. Don't talk and act like you all care from the start. Be a slut and do whatever you want 🌺
danzigluvr666 seattle when i die will someone go thru all my notebooks from recent years and compile all the prose i’ve written? bc ik that’s something i’ll never have the balls to do while i’m alive ♡ 🌱
_kaikideishu pile of money @soniccitrush dude im like, dormant hardcore basara...i can and Will rock out to naked arms till the day i die. i will Never stop listening to jap from when he was doing stuff in abd max | 24 | they/them | grad student in Anime Physics | FGO EN: 654,969,093 curiouscat:
Lala_Sara Russia @rdouglasjohnson If I only could. Seriously. Difficult buying anything from Russia without international card. And I'm not even sure if they take card, when I tried to do it now they wanted to send bill? Do not send Bill he will die. NB (whatever pronoun)
KristinaHorner Seattle THIS IS THE HILL I WILL DIE ON AND JOE KNEW WHAT I WAS LIKE WHEN HE MARRIED ME, SO I WILL CONTINUE TO SHARE THESE FEELINGS WITH HIM UNTIL I'M OLD AND GREY. She/Her | Partner Manager at @WatchMixer / @Microsoft Known for: a decade of YouTube videos ✨ and a HP band 🐍 Podcast: @howtowinnano | Seattle @NaNoWriMo ML
zimderella "You're the only person I'd like to say goodbye to when I die...And If I should hear that you died, my life as I know it, the me who is speaking with you now, will cease to exist." -Elio Call me by you name รักพิเดฟ
eazy_ibies ABUJA @Abisola_kongat Amen.. Amen... Yesterday I was so scare and was telling her not to die on me now ... This babe always say I will fly her abroad even when things are bad. 😭 even though we are not close because of are relocating to lag 2004 she is all I got furniture maker C.E.O @IbiesLtd 📲08130119612 #libra
Asia35600840 @s8n I’m following you and god, so where will I go when I die???
roefizzlebeef faerie💫≪grits≫ someday I’ll actually sit down and take cute happy family screenshots of Roe Thyme and Sef at home together and when that day comes I will probably burst into flames and die she/her ≫ ffxiv’s unofficial roegadyn ambassador and your one-stop femroe shop ≫ h: @IryWwalby ≫ i: @healinggremlin ≫ main acct: @flyingstaplers
yourboyryder chi town i haven’t slept a full night for two whole weeks and doctors refuse to give me sedatives when i clearly need it, guess imma die, y’all know what my funeral theme will be, maximum crying time is 15 minutes 18 and still a dumbass
Robert_Gordon_ UK @AlishaGrauso @paddyjohnston I will die for anything with Poldark in. And yes! It's available for streaming. So Paddy - first movie for when Halloween month is over?! Writer of things. Screen Ranter @screenrant. Mental health advocate. Waluigi enthusiast. Bass for @hellopalomino and @titansandkings. Podcaster @bigboysdontpod.
FitnessPhilippa @tolly_t when will we get #TheReceiptsPodcast slogan tshirts?! I need one that says "I can't come and die" immediately! 👀🙌🏼🙌🏼 I love food and my dog... That is as much as you'll need to know 😊
jarman_gnat North Carolina USA @mpg25mary @LisaMei62 @DFautt @realDonaldTrump I don't live in Ca., I live in NC, they come to take mine, I will probably die. Why live for nothing at all When you can die for your and every others rights to bear arms. Patriot, Coservative🇺🇸Istandforourflag UNITED WE STAND,TRUMP2020, GOD LOVES ALL,MAGA No democrats in the in the pledge of allegeince, just REPUBLIC. 28/100NA
profraj1978 Canada @MrDarkWolfe Well I think it will be America's problem when those he has betrayed and left to die rise up and attack the USA in revenge. The saddest part is that he (hopefully) will be gone, but innocent Americans will pay the price for his despicable actions. I wouldn't be here if it weren't for trump. He's not my president, but I still need to vent.
dragoneddied New York, NY when I die and go to hell this is what will play for eternity Writing CONFIDENCE MAN | Runs @sludgelit | Editor @SURFACEScx | Book reviewer @NeutralSpaces
JacobGotBands @TheNBACentral @ChrisBHaynes If Kings wanna be up nxt they need to keep everybody currently and even add a little more veterans, I think when all the super stars die down and lose their potential Kings will b up next MY BIRD IS In MY TRAP
Iegendryse Remember when I hated my life And I said I didn't want to die But I did, now I know the reason why It's because of the sky Can you guess it right now? Are you wondering how? I found love so fast And I know this love will last How do I know? How do I know? He's with me from the st Puta se nace, no se hace
3jessi5 UK I never thought I would come to agree with @piersmorgan I am slightly worried. When you ask for a gender test during pregnancy, it’s either girl or boy, when it comes to the birth, it’s a girl or boy, when you die and decompose, you will be identified as being male or female. 27, Mother, Boxing fan, MUFC, Anti-racism, JC4PM
lambchop00780 @ewnupdates What next. I personaly think the funeral industry is outright bigst business in the world. So when you die your loved ones and families instantly a cataclysmic brain FART and through thousands of rands at the funeral homes. HALLO wow every one just eants to se what they will get Have a nice day
BigData_Piyush Danville, CA @PeterCorless Predictive Analytics: When I am ~60 years old, ~30,000 in USA and ~7 in Japan will die due to gun related injuries in that year.
OhSnapGinger Boston Just got shamed for my Google Doc enthusiasm, didn’t realize I’d die on this hill but I will die on this hill for Google Docs and I’ll be organized and efficient when I do ✌️ Software Project Manager by day, A cappella enthusiast by ~5pm onward. Boston fan of 🏈🏒🏀, and bandwagon ⚾️
HHolsink Hilversum, The Netherlands, JO22OF @uhf_satcom This divice is sensitive to heat. It wil stand only a short soldering process. When it gets to hot. It gives power with twice as much current and will die! My process: heat plate at 150 dgr. Heat spreader on it for 2 min, cooling on cold plate. I did 35 so far. mechanical professional, hobby pilot, arcraft builder, microwave addict.
Chydee Nigeria I always lock my doors, but somehow I forgot, so when the guy opened the passenger door, first thing I thought was “robbers”, and my laptop bag was on the front seat. When it clicked who they were, I just removed my seatbelt and told them all of us will die today. Bruh, they ran Hustle ohh! | @ListsNG • @DTroyCopper
metouji tongvaland, turtle island you know, my pcs battery has been forked for almost two years to the point i have to Keep it plugged in or it will permanently die, that i know any day now its gonna kick and when that happens im gonna be SO forked over unless fafsa wanna give me my god damn money sara | ESP/ENG/日本語 | (she/her) 23 | read my comic THE GOLDILOCKS ZONE on #Webtoon ! 💕👽⭐️| proudly purepecha🤟🏼 | | metouji@gmail.com
Y_4dd Surveillance📷 in the sky @nigerianprinse @Ozymandias____ @JoeDeyon @Slauts1 @mxmsworld I was gonna state that. You will never fully grasp what man does to itself when it can't lean on higher power. We yearn for it but it's no there but we make it real regardless of what our senses and experiences tell us. That's why they die and birth new better ones. Religious,Social and Political Commentaries|Philosophy|Sports|Humour|Nobody but D body count is rising|Recorder of the deeds of men|🇳🇬 🇺🇸🌍
pdferguson California, USA @MikeHeath2010 "And the Dalai Lama says, "Oh, uh, there won't be any money, but when you die, on your deathbed, you will receive total consciousness." So I got that goin' for me, which is nice." Twitter is a 280-character version of WestWorld, where everyone dresses up in black hats and pistols, glaring and cussing. What the fork are YOU lookin’ at...?
rxmkaur Point is there’s more to our lives than our phones, those snap stories and insta posts. I’ll be damned if I’m die one day without getting to make a genuine impact to someone’s life. We hear about this all the time but when will YOU actually act on it asian food fanatic
wisharsalan United Arab Emirates @kaho_Heer @OfficialDGISPR One thing i say to my husband that when altaf will die whole world will remember him as a murderer as a bhatta khore Case will be opposite for Imran he will be remembered for his good work as a cricketer and as person PM OR NO PM he has a good name Family is a heaven in this heartless world.
MaggieOrisit Gryffindor I will stop loving Harry more and more in the moment of my death. When I can't expand anything amymore. I assume I will find a way to love Harry even more after I die though. 25.03.2018 - Harry 02.04.2019 - Shawn and Alessia 01.06.2019 - Troye and Miley HS2 IS COMING Kiss me on the mouth and set me free
Gaia_Beast Wandering among nature This is how and when I will die . #RP/#Art Account I {Fc art not mine} I Straight l Male l #OpenDms l Descriptive I Semi / Detailed #MVRP/#OCRP/#FGORP/#ƑαвℓєнανєηRƤ/#FantasyRp
abbyxgray Michigan my friends are the most important people in my life and i will literally be buried next to them when i die 🥳 oakland university film student
daggerandpen TX this article will make you so forking mad. i just imagine some sheriff's deputy coming to arrest my mom, who's bald from chemo and who stands about 5' tall, and i know in my heart that one of us would die he/him 🍞🌹 Christian Socialist + Militant Antifascist Heads up, eyes open
RadDragonF4 Fallout Universe/Bahamas This is how and when I will die . Wife: @UIRainbowDash Mate:@ChrysalisBun @WolfOfAran GF: @UIFluttershy RP GF:@vault_girl_ Best Friend(s):@GokiStorm @BookWormTwi