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Hernandez81GOAT Brooklyn, NY @DerbyDayNYC @The7Line When and how will I die? Angry NYM/LAR/OKC/NYR/OSU fan @OhioStateClock @kevinh12251 @ThatFuncyMuncy @IloveKemba2 @NYYNick2
michelanugerah Yogyakarta "You are a perfect son of a bitch. Most scorpios are murdered." well.. at least im perfect in some kinda way and i dont have to worry about how will i die then :)) born free. live free. die free.
lopsidedfringe Under these bitches’ skin do u ever want to go home but then you realise you ARE home and then you’re like how did i get here who am i what is my purpose why was i born when will i die how will i die oh god we’re all going to die because same time to nut up or shut up
validpostage conway. @frogluvrboy the only "i have a weird question" anyone is allowed to ask me is "when and how will I die" because it's the only one I'm equipped to answer friend, will you walk tall and strong? it's a lovely road. 🐝🐐☭🏳️‍🌈🎲 chemical shapeshifter, proud easter egg // matching with stinky @berryferai
bonifacemwangi Kenya One day I will die, I don't know when and how but I will surely die. I will be lying on that cold slab. Breathless, lifeless. Finally silent. The only thing that will be left is my legacy. What did I achieve when I was alive? That is the question we need to ask ourselves. Living my life to make a difference | Pan-African| Founder @Pawa254| Party Leader: @UkweliParty | Author #BMUnBounded| @AfricansRising Ambassador | #TeamCourage
A friend asked her “bruja” tía how I will die and she said she read in the card I will drown...ask me again why I don’t want to go swimming
LeeMoMeeMo wherever you wanna find me Bruh I ain't scared of death and I never will I'm just scared of how I'll die like imagine its torture or somecrap ya dig wat I'm sayin playa? 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 chill brotha chill issa joke relax homie
HDolans847 @grantsloui Plzz dont say that cuz If u die than I will be soooooooo sad u have no idea. Ur like my best friend rn. Ik I'm not him but I'm sure he cares a lot about u cuz I care about u a lot and I can only imagine how much some one cares for u in our real life. Dolan Supporter☆ King Dolan☆ Fan account☆ I'm trying to spread positivity if anyone wants/needs a friend, I'm always there💜🖤💜🖤 no judge just love
soybeanfork I know I talk about rejecting being American but I only mean that to say that I will never die for stolen land. But I accept my positionality as a diaspora Asian living in the core of the American empire and how I benefit from resources stolen from the Global South. corean lesbo thought 🤷🏻‍♂️ I go to hell eventually
drloggerhead England, United Kingdom @godfatheriv So the whole thing is corrupt and I am corrupt too but that’s how I will live my life and die a corrupt man who did nothing when he could. Farewell my friend! Politics, Current affairs, Humanity, Rights, Justice, Literature, Photography, Cricket and a bit of Emergency Medicine.
thommy_nelumbu Ongwediva, Endola-Onepandagulo @Naffy101 Hence most of the fauna and flora in that area will die , tourism will decrease in the etosha . I thus for maybe recommend a deep study to suggest how we harvest this water ( minimum %) without affecting the natural cycle in that area 🙏😊 fun, loving and it’s all about that freshness heart 👌
ElizabethLily19 @SelinaSnow2 @xxLilithxJadexx I see how people will die in my dreams and depending on the situation it's horribly draining. Only other peoppe I knew that could was my mom& brother #Findom Bi #lactating 😘 #subs & #paypigs $end $20 tribute DMing $elizabethlily98 PP: adulthoodstruggles@gmail.com V: Elizabeth-Lily
halfrunt5 @JasonRRae @DNC just stopping to say you are the worst group of terrorists I have ever seen shifty Schiff, Palosi,Schummer,and many others are commiting treason and will some day hang for it how dare you try and take over the country from a duely elected potus over false charges my u die inpain
80sNostalgia In a Wimpy Health and Safety in the 80s... “Can we glue a man to a board and fly him around to prove how good our wallpaper paste is?” “He won’t die, will he?” “Probably not.” “...I suppose so.” I have an 80s website, an 80s podcast and I write text adventures. RTs are an endorsement of your awesomeness.
thereaIslimshdy thinkin abt how my dad kept all of my moms belongings and the only thing i have of hers is a dog & some old pictures but the dog will eventually die too 🥴🤩 boom boom thats the grenande launcher
UnhurriedChase Minnesota, USA I think Dr. Puri's right when she asks, " could it be freeing rather than disempowering to understand that the body — born of nature and subject to its laws — has its limits? That no matter how strong our determination to live, our bodies will eventually die?" I read and think about death a lot. Sometimes I write. A Protestant with an MA in Catholic Studies. Articles @TGC and @Fathom_Mag.
OmarPaz_ Hermosillo, Sonora @RashadJuniorr Im barca fan and messi fan till i die, but you have to recognise greatness when you see it and cr7 is one of the greatest players that have ever played and will always be sad seeing how players like him start to go down on level Algunos dicen que mal tipo. XXlll
StaxRL Pittsfield, Maine @IzzyisBlue Nowhere did I say ignore it. My point is the 5 paragraph monologue on reddit accomplishes nothing except gaining karma. "I don't like this so I won't spend money on it" and then following through accomplishes far more than overreacting about how this game will die blah blah blah Public Address Announcer at the University of Maine and Maine Central Institute and @RLEsports #RIVALS Analyst! 2-time World Record holder Contact: stax@csa.gg
Que_Q I will call my mom and ask will I die if I take Tylenol and ibuprofen. Or do she think I should pay something in full or even if I can use her credit card. While telling her about this nut bottom job and telling her how I’m gonna be single forever. But I’m still an adult
peezytaughtme "How could you be so nonchalant about someone losing their life?" Everyone who has ever lived has or will die...why should I start caring now about someone who means nothing to me, less than the shoes I sandwich between my sweaty feet and the dirt of earth. Children should not partake in the following of this account, with laces in their shoes.
LEGO_Clayface @C_Hamby1 @as_a_woman She has zero interest in passing m4a and she’s made that clear. Her plan is to start working on that 3 YEARS into her presidency, you know, when it has zero chance of passing. I wonder how many people will die in those three years just because they can’t afford insulin. Reply gentleman
SteveW928 Victoria, British Columbia @HDUltimateSteve @Xilefian @Dinnerbone Not so much heard, as how it is seeming these days. Sorry, I suppose I worded that too strongly (ie. 'put out to die'). It just seems like the world is moving, and that will be the ultimate outcome. Web designer ( | @cgWerks3D ), Tech Geek, Christian apologist ( | @TilledSoil ), Husband, Father.
uberbikegeek @LindsayPB These sorts of experiences are the type that make me question how long I can stay corporate. I did several years of domestic and foreign service for low income populations. And it’s painful to know there are people I see on my daily commute who will die of homelessness this year. MBA, RPCV, occasional medievalist, marketer, strategist, ex-poor, occasional crapposter, probably not friendly enough. My heart says bike. he/him
prettyreal_vdm Benin dé republiciañ No matter how much I like you, the vibe will die immediate I start noticing I'm forcing myself to have a conversation.... Late Replies and crap... I won't even push! 😩 {ROAD MANAGER} 👑 CEO| Media PR | Road Manager| Music Promoter| Enterperure| Talent A&R Twisted Minds Records #PrinceMediaHouse #LifeofaPR 🇧🇯🇳🇬🇬🇧
mitskiraejepsen the store while doing laundry i got struck with the wildest idea. i hope these will be used sometime soon. 🎶 so honey hold my hand, you like making me wait for it / i should move to a brand new city and teach myself how to die / what can i say that you don't already know? 🎶 ✨ authentic depressive pop ✨
BeltcherTine @JonSmit54801663 It should only take you about 35-45 minutes. Really just depends on how you do it. If you run you gonna die but it’ll go by really really fast. If you walk it will go by a lot slower. I recommend you bring your friend or brother and sister so it’s not lonely :)
so_i_jfk there @sonjoe_kutuh_ @EmmauelGoni How stupid can people be I saw liable to die young written on the pack I bought it then one fool will see me and start advising me do I look like an illiterate to them and it is my death not yours so when I'm smoking and you tell me to stop I reply by saying fork off hnaub ex-jacm chealseafc no regrets do or die
alexjgreen_ I want labour to be more upfront about how many people have and will die because of Tory cuts. Should be front and centre of everything they put out. Writer. Socialist. Master of karate and friendship.
Triojo2 reply and i'll tell you how you will die shounen trash, sucks at osu, roguelike trash, bangdream fanboy, attention whore
Emmasification Somewhere in Niger area I am not sure exactly what heaven will be like, but I know that when we die and it comes time for God to judge us, he will not ask, ‘How many good things have you done in your life?’ rather he will ask, ‘How much love did you put into what you did? Nodody's your friend until they defend your name in your absence.
thedelboy Brighton Now is the time for Churches and communities to come together! Keep Church doors open! Volunteers will make sure nothing gets damaged or stolen! I believe God no matter what you know him by would want us to do! So sad how many more have to die? Before we open our eyes+See ??? Was a genuine lover of life ! am a bit of a hermit!! Sad with what is happening to this wonderful Country by those who cause pain just because they Can!
psychonot23 Chinook Illahee If you think this is hyperbolic I urge you to look over statistics about how many people die yearly due to tobacco consumption and the effects of tobacco vs pure nicotine. People will die as a result of this campaign and it will be poor vulnerable people that cant afford care. Producer/DJ. INFP. Writer at Celtic Shaman. Poly. Non-binary af. PT/LCHF Nutritionist. Social Worker. PostCiv Left Libertarian. Any pronouns.
White_espada Lost at sea🌊 AND WHEN IT’S OVER, I KNOW HOW ITS GONNA BE AND TRUE LOVE WILL NEVER DIE OHHHH OR FAAAADE AWAY, I CANT STOP LOVING YOU, AND NO MATTER WHAT I SAY OR DO, YOU KNOW MY HEART IS TRUE, AND I KNOW WHAT I GOT TO DOOOOO 🤘🏽 🎸♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️ I love Books 📚, Music 🎼, Movies 🎥, Anime✨Videogames 🎮, Formula 1 🏎, Auto Junkie @MeeraWatches 🎥
plambrechtsen New Zealand @jgrahamc @zatlyn So how about doing something about all the Nazi's who love your platform? I know it helps your DDoS profiling as you intentionally keep them on dedicated hosts but people have died and will continue to die due to you not caring at all. Is the money really worth than lives? This is me.
MrStache9 Positive thinking, cheering, donations, volunteering, fair policies win elections. The person that turns 65 and says everyday, "I'm going to die soon will get their wish. Funny how it works. Truth sets you free. Skippy is the parody of a Canadian politician. I'm not GOOGLE, find your own link.
iqbalnurs Blok M - Kota PP Makes me think: Will it happen, when I die, many of them will come to my funeral? How many of them will remember me? And is there anyone who wants me to live again and convey all the things that have not been conveyed when I live? Yeah metallurgy is cool but have you try enjoying poems and despair at the same time?
gayalucard in a blanket cocoon, australia It's so forking absurd that "i want to die because I'm not on hrt" can and will specifically stop me from getting on T because "YoU nEeD tO bE sTaBlE" like first of all why would you not give me what I need to not wanna die secondly how can I be stable without the T I require yeah we gay keep scrolling🤘☺️😈💕 he/him. ⚧⚣. ♏22. Pagan. I'm here, I'm queer, my chronic pain is moderate to severe ✌️ dad issues so bad im kinning alucard
mrbubbles4200 Winston-Salem, NC @nerdist well seeing how they have been saying they are going to make the new bond female and this bond is written by a feminist i'm guessing yes he will either retire or die judging by the title he's gonna die trying to bang on some steel and your mom, just getting drunk and yelling about conspiracies #BatFacts
AlielynR Canada @DaveShevlin88 I hope Illyana gets to be in this, I want her to make sarcastic comments to the students how they are all doomed to become part of a hell dimension and they will all die! Then all the students go running out of her classroom and Stephen asks her to stop terrifying the students! She/Her - Sharing my love for the X-book characters with fellow fans. Also, Kitty Pryde, Rachel Summers, and Illyana Rasputin are all very gay!
naveen76496 Mandi Himachal #FridayThoughts why do I take birth, why do I die and why do I suffer?, after all, who is getting all this done and who is the Supreme God (Parmeshwar), how does He look like, where is He, and how will He be attained, Know the secret on Sadhana Tv channel at Indian Time 7 :30 pm सुरमे की तरह पीसा है हमें😟 हालातों ने तब जाकर🤔 चढ़े है लोगों की 👀निगाहों में
LaurenRulesAll District of Columbia, USA @Bill_Cimbrelo Basically two groups are just trying flex a muscle on the other while using tax dollars as we all die from lack of heathcare and poverty... But let me cheer them on... From the Dems who just passed ext the Patriot act to the racist repubs. How will I decide.. #berniesanders volunteer since 2015 #dsa4bernie #progressive #notmeUS #medicare4all #boycottAmazon #GreenNewdeal #genx #activist #scienceNerd #bernieorbust
roblloydmends Cardiff, Wales @marytheluckyone @PoliticsJOE_UK @HaDaisyLOL @realDonaldTrump How do you manage if you have lifelong conditions. Meds I take cost NHS £600 per month which I get free and will need til day I die hopefully in 40+ years. Same meds in USA cost $2000 dollars per month. How can anybody afford that, yet without them I would die within 6 months. Opinionated; argumentative. Of course I'm always right!!politics centre left but no JC fan. I’m a poof; out proud & marvellous.🏳️‍🌈🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿🌈
Vandareer Las Noches I too will die on this hill. Same goes for people calling themselves goth without actually listening to any goth music. I'm not goth, nor have I ever wanted to be goth and I still get mad about goth posers, I can't even begin to imagine how frustrating it must be for actual goths JUSTIFIABLY ACRIMONIOUS - Read Vagabond - My top 100 albums of all time:
JakeHeasmannnn Worthing, England @Dean__90 @SteffRidderwall @XirindaDyondani @SheffieldUnited @premierleague I’m not trying to convert the masses. Religion will die out on its own over time. People move on, and one day religion will be looked back on and laughed at for how people used to live their lives around it. What a lovely world that will be. Just here for the football side of twitter 🔴⚪️
kimiblue27 @dottweets No I KNOW...but like I said that doesn't matter to most so there will be drama..no matter how much sense it does or doesn't make🤷🏼‍♀️ but it's gonna die down after a few days like it always does. And sure nothing was promised, but using exactly those colours is just poor taste imo😅 she/her - 27yo - LG[B]T - Spn -💙DeanCas💚 - J2MA - TFW - be kind to yourself and others🌻
WildernessMuse Somewhere West of the Rockies "Can I, will I forget how love was born, and burned its way into my heart -- unasked, unforced, unearned, to die, to live, and not alone for me? --Jaroslav J. Vajda Expressions of: Love Grace Mercy Hope Compassion Redemption Failure Reality and the Cowboy Way Join me in the Wilderness
Kali_Yvette Nashville Cashville Dear future wife, please make all my dr’s appointments. If you’re married to me then you will know how many months and years I spent in and out of hospitals and dr offices and you know I hate them and would rather die than make my own appointment. -mgmt 🏳️‍🌈 Tennessee Honey 21. Not The Sweetest Taurus 🍭
middyblue_ United States How great would it be if instead of seven movies with j*hnny d*pp they did a movie about mcgonagall. LESBIAN MCGONAGALL. I would die happy. I cannot be alone in this dream and I will hold onto it with a bitter desperate hope for the rest of my life there’s probably something else i should be doing.
chuckhandmcmike Pennsylvania, USA It's been days and I'm literally still not over how Peter's brilliant idea was "I know who will go unnoticed if they disappear in my evil apartment: middle class white people with families" the mf literally wanted to die this crap is freudian charlie - white- he/him - 25 - gay villain
PhoenixHunter9 Nederland @berezaagames @PlayVesteria At first I was against the money loss on death, but come to think of it, how often do people die when they’re really rich and have really good gear? Almost never. Newer players will die a lot more, but they don’t have much money to lose. Send memes.

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