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eeesssjjj Queens, NY @secretlyrobotic when and how will i die? nice leftist jew boy doing equal parts crap- and sincere-posting. capitalism is bad
ashishkjha Cambridge, MA I did say this Herd Immunity as a strategy for India (or really, for anywhere) is a terrible idea Millions will die You'll still ruin the economy And for what? We don't know how long immunity lasts, how robust it is Any evidence any country doing herd immunity strategy well? Physician, researcher, and advocate for the notion that an ounce of data is worth a thousand pounds of opinion. Director @harvardgh. Soon, Dean @Brown_SPH
AlexBerenson New York I'd say - unfortunately - 3 million a year, since that's how many die every year, and that's how many will die this year too. Former NYT reporter, author of Tell Your Children. (Telegram account AlexBerensonCV.) Mad Prince. In Jersey anything's legal, as long as you don't get caught.
JhonenV Around... Those interviews of mobs crowding beaches these days, everyone talking about how if they get sick and die then it's just God's will... I imagine God watching those, doing that hand waving thing he does when he makes stuff happen and yelling "GET THEM, MY ARMY OF HOLY SHARKS!" Waiting for Jurassic Park to be real. I am fake news.
JoshHoodTheBard Toronto @NewtiaofTarth Poor Tali 🥺 She is my favourite Bioware romance and I love how surprisingly hardcore she is. I remember on Virmier she was like “the salarians are ready to die... and so am I. I will fight with fire for you Shepard.” And I was like “Damn Tali!” Fight Instructor with @FDCAcademy but I mostly just geek out about Bioware games. (he/him)
florescg SoCal If the police ever murder me, the only thing that news agencies and racists will find in their attempt to show how I have done other crimes to deserve to die will be a speeding ticket from 2003 Marine Veteran, failed Academic and Ok with it. Manga reader, Anime watcher, light novel obsessed. In therapy. Life truly begins after the DD-214. He/Him.
DaveSwift_ The City of Dreams, Australia It’s disgusting to see that #racism #weaponised against black Americans. It’s been happening for centuries and I’m wondering when the US as a society will say “enough” and change. How many more will #die because of their #race #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered Motorcyclist, Porsche enthusiast, adaptive athlete coach, adaptive sport advocate, Husband and Dad. These are my opinions / views and mine alone.
AnneliseRoseG18 I wish there was something i could do to fix it or at least help fix it. i’ve been crying for days and i’m so sorry for how you all are treated. it’s not fair and you deserve justice. George Loyd, you will not die in vain. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd #GeorgeFloydWasMurdered 19. KC
swissch33z @BrandonTBanks @RIGreens I personally refuse to vote on the basis of lesser evilism, and will only consider it based on how much the Democratic Party needs to die. The only things that would make that necessary ASAP are replacing Biden w/Clinton, or the Green candidate being removed from the ballot. Monte Cristo topping
ScruffyBunnyNL The Internet @Davkas2005 @milliemaytweet We all know how well the LA riots worked out😐 I'm mostly just scared that this is going to keep escalating, more people will get hurt / die, sprinkle on some more cases of COVID-19 because of how things are going and people will just forget what started all this to begin with Older than you may think × 🇳🇱 × Jack of all trades × Serial hugger × I say dumb crap on a very regular basis × INFP ×
dr00lyhole haven't said anything bc i didn't want to take away from people that actually suffer from extreme discrimination. innocent people die, due to racial prejudice im white in Australia and i will never understand how hard it is to know that people want you dead bc you are black. nsfw // 18 // she/her // bi // sub // in love w @CH0KINGAMES hardkinks ,please b careful!! 18+ avi made by my mummy ♡ @alohasushicore picrew
SaphyreDaze Florida, USA So how am I spending my birthday? Why the first episode premiere of Never Say Die! A D&D Livestream I've become a part of! It would absolutely mean the world to me for my friends to come and check it out! Tonight at 8PM EST we will be live streaming ou… Central Florida Cosplayer since 2007. General nerd and creator. I like to build stuff whether its a costume or prop.
WizardOfMikado @DollOfKnowledge "....So what? No magic for me....and I die like this....how despairing...." He smiles at he feels a sense of relief. "If I die, I feel despair...you know, I can't believe my friend will betray me..." He then close his eyes with a smile. "I love it when death comes..." -☇🔥THE KING OF DESPAIR🔥☇-Villainous wizard who's worse than Junko-☠ -Art not mine-☇MULTISHIP☇#MVRP
AlisonW12081963 Georgia, USA @w_terrence The National Guard, FBI & other agencies are on their way and more People will DIE because of this ignorance. This isn't how you get Justice & Mr. Floyd wouldn't want you using his DEATH to DESTROY his City. More people will DIE before this is over, I hope it was worth it. NO DMs or I'll BLOCK YOU. Patriotic, Mom, Nana, Fur-Mom, MAGA.
jameswbales Cambridge, MA @heikkiarponen @paulkrugman So, you’re saying that since 50,000 people will die next winter, it’s OK that an extra 100,000 people have died this spring. I take it you are now ready to double down and see just how many more we can kill off before winter? Jim is from Iowa, Australia, and North Carolina. He teaches electronics and high-speed photography at MIT.
FreePalestineRN Palestine-He/Him I always used to joke about how a white women in a luxury SUV will be the death of me but now that I've got my motorcycle license and have been riding it more I know that's how I'll die. ⁦🇵🇸⁩⁦🇵🇸⁩Free Palestine🇵🇸🇵🇸 Melee Player: 72 Worldwide
BronwynAnn Alameda, CA @CaliforniaOIG We (@MitaliPerkins and I) have two friends incarcerated there. There is very little being done for safety. How will we learn the name of the deceased, how did they die, and what will the prison do now to protect the others? Teacher, author of Literally Unbelievable:Stories from an East Oakland Classroom, lifelong Californian, proud auntie, dog lover, she/her
badbyebts 𖧵 ・゚:* ➳ @hxnibarbie This system is so forked up honestly. I will die preaching how unjust and corrupted it is & continue protecting the black community cause this is wrong. black lives ALWAYS matter. Please use your voice and speak up ♡
VerakusGaming East coast US @VioletKrumble I feel bad for his family but what about all the people that could potentially die from these rioters burning down houses and stores and that's not counting how many private businesses will be destroyed in the process.
swithtalker England, United Kingdom @ThePubliusUSA @SpeakOfTheDevi2 How stupid cant they be, they want to die then die alone dont mix it to innocent peopleyou will see later selfish you will end up paying dearly some day, i feel sorry for those you know and killed I would rather isolate myself & Not risk killing people or me with coronavirus what about you & your family do you want to harm grand-ma? Stay Safe at Home
Krn_Rusty Lucknow, India @AKTU_Lucknow choose money over various life. How can a university do such things because they are considered as the most educated ones who are also educating us. The World is in chaos and Aktu is like you die I will give your family Rs. 5 lakhs #InstantPlacement Want to learn at every step of my life
m3guhn South Africa It is times like these that slowly turn me more and more into an anarchist... I will not rest until I see a definite change. We as a global collective need to wake the fork up. How many more innocent souls need to die for justice to take place? 💔 #BlackLivesMatter Lover of change, cream cheese, and libertarian socialism | Beautifully complicated | she/her | RT & like ≠ endorsement 🕊 #ACAB #BlackLivesMatter
LSchiester Cincinnati, OH @realDonaldTrump Still deflecting, huh? I'm not surprised. No one is going to forget how you've allowed over 100,000 people and counting die. Nor will anyone forget how you're trying to kill more by forcing the economy open without widespread testing and contact tracing. I'm a wife, mother, and grandmother but more than that, I'm me.
YaThinkN Sunshine Coast, Queensland @rambunctiousgo3 I think there should be. Not sure how we get there? Journalism in general will continue to die as a profession if they don't address the business model they have and the concentrated ownership with owners who have an agenda. Just shooting the crap on Twitter 🍷 #Auspol nbn Netball Sunshine Coast Lightning ⚡️⚡️ #WomenInSport Democracy Books & more... Talks, thinks, tweets too much 😜
justusburkitt imagine how funny it will be if i die before then and it sends posthumously lmao i am a great eater of beef, and i believe that does harm to my wit
sjbxtr Minnesota @NeilNorthJersey I’d genuinely like to know how many have to die before we’re ALL outraged enough to demand change. Not twitter outrage. Legitimate outrage. No one was out doing this before Floyd was killed. If cops and politicians can choose lawlessness at will, why can’t we all? “We all do better when we all do better.” -Wellstone Views expressed are my own // Warren Democrat #FlyEaglesFly #GoSpursGo #MNUFC
ExuberantEevee @cubeyAC Right? I don’t see how anyone can continue to hate him after meeting him. Granted, I wasn’t a fan of him at first, but I got to know him and now I can’t imagine playing without him. I can and will die for this old man bear cub. Don’t expect much, I’m actually neurotic as hell. ✧ Luna/Emily ✧ 22 ✧ nb femme ✧ she/they ✧ pan af ✧ header by @FoenixPheathers!🐣 Avi by @Peachyfully!🍑
brainwashasly hey lol. im not black but i hear you im not black but i see you im not black but i stand with you im not black but i mourn with you how many innocent people will die to the hands of the system before people understand that #BlackLivesMatter  ? i will not stay silent and neither should u ACAB|| 1312
LabitKobe @CoreyWhipper4 I don’t know how stealing flat screen Tv’s and other crap is proving justice. Or burning crap down. Burning down the police station or the court house would have made more sense. National guard will get called, more people will die, history will keep repeating itself. No justice Sanford FL // Construction Management // Seminole High Alum
iimrasa_ In Paradise. I know you, I know that we both will not exceed this love, I know that I will continue to love you until I die, and that what is between us is an inevitable destiny, no matter how we try to escape from it, we will not survive🥂. Always you🥂.
CarlaBunger If I die, I will wait for you, do you understand? No matter how long. I will watch from beyond to make sure you live every year you have to its fullest, and then we’ll have so much to talk about when I see you again… (Bones) #strip #realgirl
JoyceHa14131616 Big Apple @charliekirk11 Sooner or later this needs to be dealt with how many more have to die I am tired and angry I don't give a damn what they burn down when will others speak up
Kate_Bradbury Brighton, England @tamsinht Hiya. Best thing is to give it a wide berth. If you can show me a pic of the bees I can tell you how soon it will die. They’re just annual and some nests start to die from June xx Wildlife gardener, nature writer, author, presenter 🏳️‍🌈 @Froglifers and @BumblebeeTrust patron. @savebutterflies ambassador. Agent @DFMTalent
tweetsaucebot i know when and how you will die... but i'm not allowed to tell you! vsauce bot by @PR0GF0X with mostly real, but some made up quotes. suggestions welcome through dm
SummerVang14 Wisconsin I am so sick to my stomach of what happened. I will never experience what black people must go through everyday, and my heart hurts so much for them. The saddest part is that, this will probably never end. How many innocent lives will die until there is a change? Photographer | Instagram @summervang14 & @aperturesque_ |
bizarrequazar Montreal “Just wait! Your most intimate relative and your best friend will all die without a burial place because of you!” // Really interesting being able to notice just how much hx was making sqx worry about both him AND swd. And by interesting, I mean incredibly painful. 24 // he/him // girls and cnovel enthusiast ⚠️ sometimes spoilers / minor gore / nsfw ⚠️ priv: @ShhEnnis || nsfw: @bizarretiddies
golferpoker1967 Canada @LindseyGrahamSC At least you got the day correct unlike #TrumpIsAnIdiot and #MikePence . I'm convinced if we had engaged in mitigation practices EARLIER. Like half of the world did maybe we could have saved 50,000 people or more from dying. How many more will die? This is on @realDonaldTrump Political & social awareness = power for people. If you want change in life you have to actually change something.
iamkuds denial @gen1mistake i did have 15 min where i thought about how im gonna die & no one will be able to attend my funeral and then i was like nah himmat kar kuriye get your crap together randi rona & brain damage. she/her.
Iiliruehart @VanessaMorgan @iamamurray i know how exactly how you both feel, being black in america these days is scary, we are being oppressed just for our skin color and we see our fellow black people die due to this injustice. we just continue to hope that one day the strory will change❤️ #blacklivesmatter #icantbreathe
Jawsss__ This whole thing brought me chills but when she said “if I have to die behind my color then I’ll die behind it but my children will walk free in these streets”. You can feel the pain in her soul. How can people stand around and still not see the racism issue with this country? Nicole's a dork ____ Everything I eat is diet friendly.
jessecanicole17 sanger ☀ I will forever be upset that Ted ends up with Robin on How I Met Your Mother! The mother was PERFECT for Ted and Robin was the WORST. And that is the hill I will die on. ❤️AKW & NJW ❤️
BeccaLind Canada @jannarden So heartbreaking!! How many more need to die?? We all need to stand up against racism!! It’s the only way it will end!! My prayers and love to his family❤️ I pray this will be the last man to die at the hands of authority because he’s a black man .. 1 death is too many!😞😔💔😢 Yogi since 1998 ...dancer... I love theatre, art and sports ... animal welfare and environmental advocate. self proclaimed wine snob and shoe lover 😍
tiny_lantern Tkaronto i’ll just be over here composing emails to the mayor and my city councillor asking how many Black people have to die before they will disarm, defund, and disband the police. tarot reader, queer witchy listener, space-holder, feelingsworker. they/she
fataIfanatic wv, usa i will never shut up about this, and neither should you. how many innocent fellow human being have to die? how many before you realize how corrupt you precious country is? for how much longer will you defend murder? remember their names. 18 y/o | she/her | bi mess | pjc (04/15/17)
AlanPrkns Washington, DC @kylegriffin1 No matter how many die, #DespicableDonny, #ComplicitPence and #Trumpocracy will continue to lie, obfuscate, deflect and misinform to hide their mistakes, malfeasance, negligence, failures, profiteering and crimes. #Trumplicans are complicit. I hope they're held accountable. New England native; raised in FL; living happily (wine lover & foodie) with my CA girl in DC. Twice retired: US military (Vietnam Veteran) and IT Strategist.
_Jime13_ In heart JiMin ✨ @BTS_twt - Ji-Min 😰 If twi-tter is closed . . How can i communicate with you really !! FC and WV it will be very difficult 😰 Really how i can communicate with you !! Believe me i'll die if i don't write for you 😭😭 !! 너를 사랑하는 것밖에는 못 해 🌸
ilikemedicine75 BILA REAL OH QUE LINDA ÉS I fell in love with a very bad habit But I feel alive for the very first time I don't wanna die But I don't wanna hide Or keep crap inside I will not cry, so I deal how I deal with it I am thirteen hours clean and still counting Save me from these day dreams about it I will only complicate you, trust in me and fall as well. I will find a center in you, I will chew it up and leave.
kardogardy Hawler A scorpion asks a frog to carry it across a river Frog:how do i know you won’t sting me ? Scorpion:cuz if i do i will die too. The frog agrees,but the scorpion stings the frog in midstream,before both sink and drown,the frog asks why?!! Scorpion: it’s in my nature to do so... Bio is under construction 🚧 please check back later...
propertyofdeaky multi-fandom// she/her i have my english midterm tomorrow and how am i supposed to focus on that when i will be thinking about this till i die ? ᵃⁿᵈʳᵉʷ’ˢ ˡᵉᶠᵗ ⁿⁱᵖᵖˡᵉ ʰᵃⁱʳ, ᵖᵃʳᵗ ᵗⁱᵐᵉ ⁿᵉᶜᵏ ˢᶜᵃʳᶠ
Prongs_ebooks Oregon No matter how much Kevin hates me and tells me to die I never will because he knows I am Prongs true self. The crazy,silly and slightly weird ebooks version of @ProngsV. Did I mention that girls with ponytails and zettai ryouki are the best?