COVID Deaths.

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DanielBShapiro Tel Aviv My God. He sees the thousands upon thousands of COVID deaths as a plot against him. And cannot muster *one word* of sympathy for the victims and their families. Former U.S. Amb. to Israel (2011-2017), Obama NSC, @INSSIsrael, @WEAdvisors, husband, dad, Cubs fan, Middle East politics, peace & security, US-Israel relations
AlexBerenson New York I don’t normally tweet my @foxnews appearances but this one is vital: @ihme_uw has been wrong over and over - why would anyone credit or repeat its projection of 500,000 US #Covid deaths by spring? Former NYT reporter and author of Tell Your Children. Ludicrous spreader. Show me show me show me how you do that trick
nytimes New York City The coronavirus pandemic is having a tremendous and significant impact on death in the U.S., and it may extend well beyond those deaths that are directly classified as Covid deaths, according to the CDC. News tips? Share them here:
AllanSm05754760 @Cominagetcha @piersmorgan To be 100% clear. The Scottish government gave a directive, which it later detracted, to clinicians to put Covid on death certificates when it was only suspected that the patient had Covid. The recording of Covid deaths is a scandal. causative and correlated not differentiated!! Concerned citizen
MuzunguNjoroge So.... Another week begins of the UK government fiddling the number of UK COVID deaths downwards and flapping around cack-handedly doing nothing in particular to solve the coronavirus problem that is RUINING OUR LIVES. We are dying, Egypt - dying.
Chezza45129183 I have read today that the number of 'covid' deaths counted each day by the gov are hospital deaths only. The figure does not include Care home and at home deaths or folk who survived 29+ days after testing positive but then went on to die. Firm but fair
SandraWeeden @ILoveHCQ I think nearly all of them, Italy, Sweden, China, Spain, and the discharged died because they were denied treatment, and then designated as ‘covid’ deaths. Lockdown sceptic.
CamiloMontilla Bogotá A high-risk, high-reward proposition. It would minimise covid deaths in the short term, but lives lost in the long-term might end up being more numerous. It proposes that the contagion be allowed to spread freely among younger and healthier people. Productor de musica y diseñador de sonido. Adepto de la Internacional Progresista
manchesterDazo Manchester, England @ReallyffsReally @DannyBoyMiller @TroyTempest14 @JuliaHB1 It’s not a lie. Previously you could have tested positive and then any period of time later you died your death was counted towards the daily covid death count. That’s why PHE removed nearly 5k covid deaths. Now, it’s if you die of anything within 28 days of a positive test. Face and Face cabbage is not mine. Former Boris Johnson supporter.
Cassidy05617629 Ireland @lisakeb007 Yes, your figures. In 2019 it was 17k, and you’ve conveniently forgot to post the 48k surplus covid deaths in the same period this year . And remember , this is with intervention. Politics, History, among other stuff , dislike hypocrites . Fear Manach. ‘By God, the old man could handle a spade.Just like his old man’
DrNikkiMartinez Chicago, IL ***Also, sadly and horrifically, remember that deaths lag cases. This ENORMOUS jump in cases. These HUGE daily cases, these hospitals at capacity, these individuals who will die at home and not be counted in COVID deaths and be 'excess deaths,' all of these individuals at these.. Psychologist,Professor,Author, Consultant,Speaker,Rare Disease Advocate,Views My own. #Zebra #ACA #LGBTQ *I MAKE LOT Of TYPOS/Writing disorder 🤷‍♀️🌊
gravybones4all Bangor, Northern Ireland @allenmike734 @JuliaHB1 .. caused in with the genuine Covid deaths? Will they say that an increase in suicide is Covid-related? The increase in cancer deaths, gall bladder and digestive ops that haven't taken place leading to death? Is this them preparing to fiddle the stats? I'm deeply suspicious. Dogs are definitely better than people!
NBellecoste belgium @inesnesi @bittereuphoria @JoeBiden No in how you portray the covid deaths you simpleton. As well as gi ing false abortion numbers and statements. People like you should just shut up factory worker that spends time keeping up to date on politics, economics and culture. saying what you need to hear, not what to believe. that is up to you.
Mykeshake @angelzplay @lynettemenzies We already cured cancer - and heart disease, and pneumonia. No one dies of these anymore. They are all Covid deaths now. #MAGA
Timecr0ss Pale Blue Dot @EffyGallo @digndee @realDonaldTrump @OANN Yup. You’re not a Russian troll. 🙄 English is horrible and blaming Biden for Covid deaths. Hate to break it to you, but Biden wasn’t president when this broke out. Been here for years. really started using my account to bring truth against Trumpism.
Ha_Tanya Wurundjeri country (Melbourne) @sowdented Nickname for zero is donut. Victoria had zero new Covid cases and zero Covid deaths today for the first time in forever. 🎉 Science/sustainability/climate, broadcaster, author, steminist. Engagement Director @scienceinpublic. VP @scienceAU. Board @DivCouncilAus. Occasional raconteur
TheSun London Italy brings in strict 'semi-lockdown' with 6pm curfew on bars and restaurants after Covid deaths triple Never miss a story again. News, sport and entertainment, as it happens. Give us a like on Facebook too:
Itishealth @timhayward If we had locked down 9 days earlier and if we had more icu beds then there would have been over 10000 less Xs deaths. What also gets forgotten is the non COViD deaths. NHS care worker for over 40 years. GP in the northwest.
sweepnwin CDC says that hospitals counted over 130k death from pneumonia influenza and heart attack as COVID deaths #bogusnumbers NO lists or you will be blocked Trump MAGA KAG
scojw Edinburgh Scotland - Day 217 of "3 weeks to save the NHS" 'Cases': 250% up from Mar/Apr Covid deaths: 88% DOWN from March Hosp/ICU - Under control Excess mortality - there is none. Absolutely normal And yet panic, fear, and destruction of health and economy continue unabated. #abetterway No thanks to the ‘New normal' - come on Edinburgh, let's save the Scotland we love! We are the ones we’ve been waiting for! contact@edinburgh-resistance2020.org
LisaVento4 Which, since CDC says there is no identifiable virus and that COVID deaths were influenza.... COVID is the sea attack tool Artist, author, lover of the Lord, mover and shaker in power and gifted in the arts to improve our enjoyment of life down here.
Michael05034991 @PattyPV @organictrade1 @ChrisWickNews I suspect that % is based on the under 70’s. The over 70’s will be higher. The issue we have in the UK is the very muddy reported numbers on this, and non covid deaths being counted also. For instance if I test positive today, fall down the stairs and die next week, that’s covid. Live in the south east. Like facts and reasonable debate, if you make it personal, can’t make a point I won’t bother replying. Right, Brexit, KBF.
Smithgeoffrey59 @ScottFishman Plum crazy!! more covid deaths than any other country and you think this is a good thing!! Plum crazy?. Boris,Brexit and the Tories are a nightmare for the UK,Remainers have to keep shouting the odds.🇪🇺🇩🇪🇬🇧😷 #stopbrexit #FBPE #3point5percent
john81393959 United Kingdom @Margare86411004 @helmsway741 @CllrBSilvester New Zealand has recorded a grand total of 25 Covid deaths so there is obviously a clear necessity to set up Covid concentration camps. This has nothing to do with health and everything to do with control. Still, on a positive note I think I have found Shergar (end of vid) Weather General News Soccer Politics dachshund
A_J_Alana @BareReality I agree, and added with some regional pre-existing immunity shown by some studies. However, Japan has also seen an increase in suicide especially amongst women and children (13,000 this year). So in an almost unaffected region (2000 covid deaths total), lockdowns are even more... Member of The Social Democratic Party @TheSDPUK #KBF 🎈#UsForThem #SDP
Sylvia34732692 @Saiyan_Rotts @Bearded_Heretic @francisobrienUK Never the less I do not agree with mandatory masks, I do not wear it no freaking way. You can not close an entire economy due to so few REAL covid deaths. And I don’t even want to get in to the ridiculous ways of those tests.....
wave_arizona @Renee57448920 @taradublinrocks @Maltomash And they are going to blame all of the 2021 Covid deaths on Biden after letting it get so dangerously out of control. Mind-boggling. Mom of 4 in AZ. Wife of a Chem Teacher. Owner of 2 rescue dogs. Former Mormon & Republican. Team Biden/Harris. Grieving daughter of dad loss to Covid-19
mothermaryadb Washington, USA @wolfblitzer Hay Wolf in sheep’s clothing, there is no way to adequately report the actual number of deaths in this country since 1000’s of fatalities were registered as Covid deaths including cancer and heart attacks. Where’s the flu numbers btw? Those who plot in darkness will be exposed in the Light. #MAGA🇺🇸#Greatawakening#🇺🇸 #Trump 🇺🇸the time is now
GiladSugarman @Nahalati I listened now to Yaron Brook's video about this issue and I was quite dismayed that he is seems misinformed about the actual facts of covid and that he actually blamed governments for the covid deaths. Still with the Trace, Track Isolate - as if it has not proved futile.
iainpdooley UK It's the 'new normal' that's responsible for the countless non Covid deaths and the current economic disruption. So no, forgive me if I don't embrace your acceptance of this harmful reality. Professional curmudgeon. 1st world moan specialist. Car hack. Chod aficionado. Likes: old French+Italian cars. Dislikes: politicians.
Supermansings United States Rarely have we been given the opportunity to do so much good, with so little effort. #maskup #stayback and if you’re sick, #StayHome Just a F#%ing ER doc. AF vet. 🏳️‍🌈 ally, he/him. Secular humanist with musings on life, medicine, and politics. It’s chaos, be kind.MSNBC/CNN contributor.
Arizona_Larry @mgarciahernan1 @robbystarbuck @realDonaldTrump Everyone (with the exception of you, maybe) knows the mass hysteria has been nothing but politics. And we all know the number of deaths from Covid are far from accurate. It's likely well below half of what you are claiming here. Common sense = conservatism. It ain't rocket surgery *MAGA* Traveling photographer- comfortably numb Your mind is like a parachute - it only works if it's open.
Abe17090419 Warman @the_unreal @sanaayesha___ @realDonaldTrump @OANN Way more extra suicide and drug o/d deaths because of shutdown than covid deaths. #killingpeopleinthenameofsavinglives
VoDie23 Germany @Kittycity321 @lat_gigi @sanaayesha___ @realDonaldTrump @OANN So tell me why Germany counts the exact same way! And if Germany got the population size like the US there would be 30k covid deaths. Compare that to 230k! Your whole argument fails terribly! Telling other people:Yeah you know it! You know nothing little girl Be the change that you wish to see in the world - Gandhi
Kintsugi_Ken In your pocket this whole time @laradiva @60Minutes Pretty obvious he was talking about covid deaths. It will obviously spike as temperatures get colder and people are inside, packed together, with circulating air in humid conditions. Biden doesn't know anything we don't in regards to this, this is pretty obvious. he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him he/him
SubinthePub @JessEcatt @AlboMP Still better than over 800 COVID deaths (more than 90% of Oz total), a lockdown inflicting huge suffering including suicide and kids self-harming, economic devastation, reinfecting the rest of Australia and costing over $200m a day from the Feds. I wish Andrews had gone to Hawaii
lulumr London, England Great news for Melbournians as after months of really tough restrictions they have zero cases and move towards a more open way of life, with a working track and trace, and Australia has less than 1000 COVID deaths. Arsenal supporter. Drunk elephant is my spirit animal.
TruthSe27818094 @cindievaccaro @AmericanJoker1 @CNN Wolf - stop talking. 131K of the 220K COVID deaths had life threatening diseases incl. cancer, dementia and chronic renal failure. 10K were HOSPICE pts. 87K pneumonia or flu. 51,000 heart attacks "Care Act" gave COVID diagnoses a 20% "bonus" & list of bull crap goes on and on. Tired of the idiots.
DelcioSantos21 Angola @MonicaIAmShe2 @Joeself777 @JoeBiden @iamwill @IAMJHUD You don't like Biden, you just hate Trump. No country stopped covid deaths. None...Trump is the first press that don't started a war, don't bombed Asia and Africa and don't killed elected liders for natural resources. Bonus: sucessfull peace treaties in middle east. #amatilha Older, Wiser...
Matt_Shaw6 London @fmwales All hospitals are BELOW their annual capacity but you’re locking down to ‘save lives’. People have not been tested and still somehow showing as ‘positive’. Where are the Covid deaths? Not ‘covid related’ either. What is your justification???? Set up this profile for fun in 2011. Never used. Now 9 years on... It’s time for truth!
commonsynse1 @SenJoniErnst @KimReynoldsIA YOU LET STATE BENEFITS RUN OUT FOR PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED BC YOU CANT CONTROL COVID DEATHS AND MISUSED FUNDS. WHAT THE ACTUAL fork IS WRONG WITH YOU? STATE HATING CRIMINAL Doggo that can type, has more common sense than most humans. Herds like a champ and likes French bones.
Bbluebird89 Montreal @DrTedros @vonderleyen @antonioguterres @Winnie_Byanyima @WorldHealthSmt You are doing a lot of talking these days. Why didn’t you talk like this when Chinese leaders started to withhold information and silence doctors? Now, There are More than one million covid deaths and hundreds of millions of lives destroyed. Human & animal rights activist. HATES injustice. Will “speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves.” RTs, likes & follows are not always endorsements.
Sasa_Trajkovski Skopje, North Macedonia @Pumpkinowsky @VlatkoVasilj If you die from cancer and you also have diabetes, you died from cancer. If you die from Covid and you also had diabetes, you died from Covid. And not all Covid deaths are counted. The true nr of Covid deaths is undoubtedly greater than the number of reported deaths. Frieden,M.D. Dr. Aleksandar Trajkovski ( Dad, Husband, National Champion, Penthouse Flat in Skopje, DOCTOR - I'm a GENIUS)
WoodfordinDK Faaborg, Denmark In the #UK there were 19,790 new #COVID19 infections and another 151 #coronavirus deaths. New infection numbers aren’t record breaking but are still very high. #COVID deaths in the U.K have increased by 52% in the last seven days. #NHS #COVID19uk Freelance journalist in the EU. Formerly News Director and Talk Show host @RadioNLNews, former journo @CKNW, and @CBCVancouver. Email: shanewoodford@hotmail.com
alexusshawnabor Houston, TX I have no idea what people blame @realDonaldTrump for the covid deaths. What do you think he should've done to prevent them? He shut down borders in January, which saved millions, and people called him xenophobic 🤦🏾‍♀️ aspiring actress | barb first human second | Ig: alexusshawnabors
AdamCorley Tyler and Georgetown Texas @movinmeat I didn’t vote for Trump and in no way am I defending him in this post. But, we are most certainly over-counting COVID deaths. ER doctor, EMS doctor, healthcare executive, patriot, libertarian, skeptic, objectivist, capitalist, Texan. DMs welcome.
Rusty32277065 @BigDaddyLiberty @tenortwit If they count COVID deaths like they do in the US it won't be counted as cancer. If someone tested positive here in March and dies of a heart attack in April it counts as a COVID death. Sorry to hear real problems being ignored...
navyvetbolt81 Right here Please folks get out and vote. This is the election of a lifetime. Weve seen how much life this president is willing to take in a short time. Those numbers of covid deaths are people not just a damn number. VOTE VOTE VOTE Retired navy, retired cop, here to chew bubble gum and piss off baby tyrants, and im all outta bubble gum. #blacklivesmatter #veteransagainstrump #blackhornets
kebinbali @RepMattGaetz The Republicans gave us Iran/Contra,WMD, Wars, Wrecked Economy and More Covid Deaths and Sickness Than Any Other Country. No Healthcare. The Democrats gave us RBG.Giuliani Gave Us OxyContin.
BoneJeni @iabanon Trump stated they are profiting from covid deaths, oh and selling PPE out the back door. WFH writer, meal-maker, house-work-shirker, lamentor of lessons unlearned